Monday, February 22, 2010

Bersica:Stain Free Clothes? Review

I was approached by Bersica Futurewear to review their new line of childrens clothing.  The email said “virtually stain-proof”.  After I scoffed, I replied and agreed to review it.  I was sent a shirt for my son and pants for my daughter.  I was set on giving these clothes a test!

Down to it. Because I know you are dying to know.  I put my son in some pants that would show stains, but I didn’t mind ruining.  The shirt was a Bersica Futurewear shirt. My daughter was opposite, Bersica pants and our shirt.  Here is the video of our test.  If you are reading this in am email or reader, click on the post title to come watch the video and enter below for the giveaway.  It’s worth it!  I promise.

It may look like I am completely missing my son, but the drinks were just running right off of the shirt!  It was crazy!  Now here are the before and after shots of the items. 

2-21-10 011  2-21-10 017

Here are the before and after pictures of the tops.  The green shirt is Bersica Futurewear and the other is just a regular shirt that my daughter has.

2-21-10 002  2-21-10 015

Here are the before and after pictures of the bottoms.  The pink bottoms are the Bersica Futurewear.  Isn’t that AMAZING?  I followed the washing instructions by washing in cold water with no fabric softener or bleach.  I let the items hang dry.

I have to say I am completely impressed and overwhelmed by the performance of this clothing line.  There are so many neat features of this line, including UV ray protection.  Please go over to their site at Bersica Futurewear to find out more.  There simply isn’t enough room to include all of them.

The only thing I have that I would improve on with Bersica Futurewear is the color selection.  I would expand on the colors offered, but they are a very new company and I am sure that more colors will follow their success.  I am certain of their success, because they are truly remarkable clothes. Oh, and how about some Mom shirts?  I tend to have more stains than my kids. :-)

How would you like to have your choice of a shirt or bottom for your little one?  You would?  I thought so! 

This giveaway has ended.  Thank you so much for entering.  The winner is Mary P. !

Winner will be notified by email and have 3 days to claim their prize, or a new winner will be selected.

Disclosure: I did receive two items to review from Bersica.  This had no effect on my honest review of the product.  Bersica was very generous to sponsor a giveaway when I asked them to.  No compensation was ever exchanged or discussed.  All of my statements are my own and based on my experiences reviewing this amazing product.


  1. Aren't your kids the cutest things! That was one cool review. Your kids look like they had a great time. That really showed the quality of the shirt and pants. I am entering and I am getting some for my kids. These look amazing!
    Thank you so much.

  2. what a great product and wonderful review wish I had this when my teens were younger

  3. That video was hilarious! I loved it, and am now super curious about their clothes. Great review!

  4. Wow, that's AMAZING!!! My boys so need these clothes.

    I signed up for the newsletter, though it's a different email than the one I use for blogging.

  5. Awesome job trying the clothes out...the video was definitely entertaining :) These clothes for the kids are great, but like you said, I'd totally love a shirt for myself have no idea how many shirts have been ruined by spit-up and all sorts of other stuff my kids throw at me!

  6. I LOVED this video!! Your kids are just too cute...and how gorgeous are you??!!(Your hair is to die for!)

    How amazing are those clothes?!! These would be just perfect for my son, who unfortunately, still eats with his hands and constantly wipes said hands all over his shirt!!

  7. This looks like great clothing. My son is the messiest eater, these would be a blessing. I wonder if the clothes would be stain with all this red dirt we have in the south.

  8. That video is awesome! You did a great job! You need to do this professionally!

    BTW,so funny how at first, when you were talking to the camera, Charlie snuck a shampoo bottle behind Mom's back!

  9. WOW! That was crazy (and looked fun)!!!

    My kids would LOVE doing a review/test like that--smart to do it in the tub. I'd love to win some of their products! :-) They sounded too good to be true, but your test was great!

  10. That is awesome! My DS could definitely do well with something like that to wear!



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