Thursday, February 25, 2010

And the Silver goes to…

I am trying to watch the Olympics.  I am trying to get my son interested in some of the different sports.  Right now all he thinks is cool is, “Skiing really fast down the hill and jumping in the air.”  Makes my heart skip a beat just to think about him doing that.  AH!

So we have different pillows and cardboard pieces on various pieces of furniture to be “Jumper Skiers”.  We have even made medals.  All of ours are silver, though.

2-24-10 008 Do you recognize these?  If you do, you are my kind of woman.  These are the ends to tubes of cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls.  I just kept unrolling the package until the cardboard rolled out. 

2-24-10 002    2-24-10 004

Now you can use construction paper or get your child to color regular paper.  Draw lines on the paper and have your child cut along the lines.  It is very good practice for them and you might be surprised at how well they do.  Littler guys obviously will need Mom to do this. 

2-24-10 006 Tape the strips together (we did 3 strips) and tape the lid to them.  We found someone in our house that was willing to do the tape.  I wonder who it could have been?? ;-)

2-24-10 009      2-24-10 011

Tada!  You have an official silver medal for the Pillsbury Olympics.  Not really official, and no this is not affiliated or sponsored by Pillsbury, but you knew that. :-)  The kids have a blast performing the medal ceremony.  Mine get such a feeling of accomplishment.  It really is a lot of fun.  Try it.

Watching my children get excited about earning a medal in a pretend Olympics for pretend sports might be silly to others, but brings me a lot of joy.  That is why I am sharing this on Just For The Joy of It at Good, True, and Beautiful.



  1. I love your medals!! I'm going to have to try making some of those!

    And I like the new layout... looks Snazzy!

  2. And the GOLD goes to YOU!!! What a simple yet fun idea! And your kiddos are cute as ever!

  3. How fun!
    And I don't know about this new layout..... It's different, and change is bad........ Okay, it's really cute, it's just different so I don't know yet.

  4. What a fab idea! When I was a preschool teacher we did had Olympics with the kids, ceremony, metals and all. It was a blast!

    Loving your new look!

  5. Really Kim does your brain every shut off? That is so cool!

  6. LOL. Too cute and looks like Pillsbury helped to make some kids pretty happy :)

  7. Oh, and you should totally read "I Love You Koala Lou," it's a book about the Olympics. We just read it today and made our own medals.

  8. You win the gold for being such a terrific Mom Kim! If they want to "ice skate" you can let them "skate" on pieces of waxed paper. I have been teaching kindergarten for 34 years and love this age!




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