Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tennis Shoe Touch Up

I am going through my shoes to donate some gently used ones to Soles4Souls to give to earthquake victims in Haiti.  They are such a great organization and it will be such a blessing for the people of Haiti.

I have one pair that I only wore twice.  Unfortunately one of those times was in some orange-ish clay dirt mixture.  These shoes are white, but since they are leather I know a very easy way to clean them. 

1-29-10 001     1-29-10 003

Shaving cream.  That’s right.  Shaving cream.  Oh, and an old toothbrush.  Just use a small amount.  The shaving cream will go a long way.  Scrub the shaving cream with the toothbrush anywhere on the shoe.  Just wipe clean with a dry cloth.  The above picture shows one shoe cleaned with shaving cream.  Big difference, huh?  Now they are ready for their new owner. 

1-29-10 009

A very easy way to get your shoes clean without throwing them into the washer and worrying about if they will hold up.  Your insoles will stay intact and it only takes a few minutes.  Easy-Peasy!  Try it.

What is the worst thing you have stepped in?

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  1. The worst thing I stepped in for my shoes was wet cement. The worst thing for me was a big steaming cow pattie. Yuck!

  2. Cool tip! I will have to try that for my kids' shoes.
    I don't know about the worst thing I stepped in, but it seems like some shoes, once you step in gum or dog poop, it stays embedded in the bottom forever and ever. Yick!

  3. I've never heard this before! You're so Martha! Oh man let's just say it was something the kids left under their bed after a long time. Fruit is usually the late night snack that Cole will sneak into the room and then hide under his bed when he doesn't want anyone to see ... LOL

  4. Some of our shoes have a date with shaving cream now! Oh and the worst thing... well on a mission trip to Ecuador we hiked up a mountain to a village. It was the donkey trail, so you can imagine what was on it... mixed in mud. At first we tried to avoid certain parts, but half way up (I was dyin', I'm sure of it!!) I did not care where my foot landed when it hit the ground! :-) We found a river after we got to the top. Too bad, though- no shaving cream!

  5. What a great idea! You are always thinking of others! How come you only wore them twice?

    Last summer, I was running past the local hospital. They had new sod they were watering. I ran around the sprinkler and on the sod. My shoe sunk in all the way up to my ankle! I was so mad, the shoes were pretty much ruined after that! Way gross too! As I ran up to the door to HQ, a couple other cops saw my one black shoe and one white shoe and laughed. Oh well, at least I was the one getting exercise :-)

  6. That is a great idea!!!! I love it! I am totally going to try it soon! Thanks!

  7. Soles4Souls is a great organization.

    Thanks for the fab tip! Those shoes will be appreciated!

    I tagged you over at my blog...

  8. Wow that is seriously impressive!!! My kids trash their shoes, so I will pull this trick out for sure.

  9. did this alot when I was a teen my dad shared the secret with me

  10. Absolutely fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!! Now i don't have to worry about my shoes at all!!



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