Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day Box

1-7-10 002 If you live in an area where it snows you should consider this (if you don’t already do it).  Even you Southern people should consider, in light of recent weather.  On days when school gets canceled due to inclement weather, just bust out this.  A Snow Day Box!

It’s simple.  It is a box full of things geared towards keeping your kids occupied on a snow day.  What you put in it depends on the ages of your children.  Here are some great things.  A special set of cards, a board game that you normally hate to play (that would be monopoly for me), packets of hot cocoa mix, cans of silly string, all time favorite family movie (and some popcorn, of course), etc.  Your possibilities are only limited by your imagination and the size of your box.  :-)

Make sure to put this away only for snow days.  That is what makes the box so very special and the contents even more exciting.  Try it.

What is the board you loath?  I shared mine above, monopoly, now share yours.


  1. Well I used to enjoy playing RISK as a teen until one fateful day a game got really heated where people were throwing dice at each other in anger. It wasn't ever fun for me after that.

  2. sorry... I HATE SORRY! Monopoly would be 2nd. We seem to have every Monopoly known to man... Star Wars, Grinch, Penn State... My son loves it.

  3. Thanks for the snow day box. You have such great ideas!

    I too HATE Monopoly. Mostly because I ALWAYS lose!

  4. My all time hates are Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land. Just when you think you are finished with the mind numbing game you have to go back to the beginning! I have a Sunday box where I have gather religious themed games and activities to keep the spirit of Sunday throughout the day. Unfortunately, (or fortunately however you look at it) living in Utah, snow is a part of life and we just have to deal with it! I only remember 2 or 3 snow days in my entire life! This would be great for Saturdays spent inside because it is too cold.

  5. Great idea! It doesn't snow here, but I am going to make a rainy day box. My daughter is going to love it.

  6. Monoply isn't on my favorites list, and I think Chutes and Ladders and Candyland join it.
    You can use this same idea for a sick day box, which I have yet to actually do. I had plans for it, and bought several books to do this.... But.....

  7. That is a great idea : ) We actually had a snow day here in Houston (Crazy huh?) because it snowed here last month. Everyone was freaking out!

    I hate Monoply just because it seems like it NEVER ends! My favorite would probably be Clue or Guess Who. Haven't played in a while but remember playing when I was younger and loving both : )

  8. Makes me almost want snow ... then I think of it and so nope I think I'm good :). Great idea.



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