Saturday, January 30, 2010


Untitled“No, Honey.  I do not think it was your Super Poot that made Sissy fall down.”

Not that this needs much explaining, but here we go.  Charley is 17 months old and although she has been walking since 10 months, she has her mommy’s natural grace.  So that means she falls over for no reason and runs straight into things all of the time.  Usually because she is running so fast.

Charley came running by and fell just as Cole pooted.  So he assumed (like any 3 year old boy would) that she fell over because of his Super Poot!  In case you were wondering a Super Poot is Cole’s equivalent to Bolt’s Super Bark. 


  1. Super Poot! Too cute!

    Mine, "Cubbie, don't eat your brother's sock please."

    Happy Saturday!

  2. That is too cute and histarical! I love the way 3 year olds think and associate things.

  3. OH my gosh, that's hilarious!!!!! He must have been so proud. :)

  4. I totally knew what the Super Poot was referring to. :-) Little boys just share a brain sometimes- mine son would love that!

  5. LOL this is so something my boys would do :)



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