Saturday, January 9, 2010



Okay, background for this.  My son really loves to be a puppy dog.  He pretends he is one at least once a day.  We have barked at strangers in the store, because dogs bark at strangers.  We have only lapped our drinks (Mommy put a stop to that pretty quick), and done all sorts of other puppy dog things. 

My son was being “Cole Puppy Dog” and playing with one of our dogs.  They were running through the house together, climbing on furniture, and barking at birds.  So naturally as a genuine puppy dog himself, my son told me that he was going to do everything that other dogs do.  While we were talking, my dog stopped to look at me.  My son crawled over on all fours and got pretty close to our dog with that look in his eyes (you know the one – the one that means boy logic is about to make an appearance).  That is when I spoke that horrible sentence.  I never imagined I would ever have to say a sentence even remotely resembling that one, but I did.

Here is one of our dogs.  This is his very best dog buddy.  They play together a lot!

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How about you?  What truly obscure thing has come out of your mouth lately?  G rated, please.  Share it with us, so we don’t feel all alone.  :-)


  1. I was on the phone with my sister recently while I was making cookies with my kids... and I said to my 4 year old... "PUT that COOKIE DOUGH in your MOUTH and EAT IT" because was licking it and making a HUGE mess... my sister (who recently had her first baby in October) was like "Wow Ann... never thought I'd hear you say that..." LOL

  2. On the way to day care yesterday, my DH saw a truck had slid off the road and hit a tree (driver was OK.) After I picked Sprout up from day care, he said, "Mom, a truck got hit by a tree!"

    Oh, I cheated, it's not something I said! Sorry, but I just thought that was too cute!

  3. How funny!! I cannot think of one right now....I need to start writing them down!

  4. Sounds like my 4 yr old....she is in a dog phase too and told me whe was going to lift her leg to! I told her good luck with that one! Following you from MBC...

  5. That would never happen in our house. And that's only because we don't have a dog in our house. The kids are determined that will change.

  6. THis is hilarious, I think about this all the time! WHY do I even have to say this! Things like "We do not lick mirrors!" "We don't put our spoons on people's faces!"

    Girl I have a million of 'em, I teach preschool too!

  7. Oh I'm so praying I don't have to use that line here... my son has the dog syndrome as well. To the point that his birthday party was dog-themed... puppy chow, rawhide salad (pasta), saucy lil dogs, etc..... I just want him to STOP eating the dog food! (dry, but none the less it's still not a good habit.)

  8. I hear myself saying things like "hugs are for people, not kitties." Then I wonder if I''m caught in some kind of pre-school nightmare!

  9. Said to dog, "Stop licking your butt! That's gross!" Five minutes later, "Your breath is nasty 'cause you like your butt." Within a few hours, at bath time, "Give me puppy kisses..." Only realized after the fact where the toungue had been before... Ugh.

  10. Stop rubbing your brothers ears he's not a dog ... LOL Cole loves to pull and rub Caden ears. Just weird boys!

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