Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laundry Lid Stamps

We used this fun way to make homemade stamps.  I used a laundry detergent lid and a sponge.  I cut the sponge in the shape of a heart, since we are using this stamp for Valentine’s Day cards.  I used puff paint to adhere the sponge to the lid, but you can use glue.

1-25-10 011     1-25-10 005

In the picture you will see other lids.  Those were complete failures for this project, but I will introduce that idea later for another project.

1-25-10 013     1-25-10 015

I put craft paint on a Styrofoam meat tray (cleaned of course) and let my son stamp away on some envelopes.  He had a huge blast.  It only took a few minutes before he realized his little fist fit inside the lid.  Then Cole suddenly became “Stamper Robot Guy”.  Those are his words, in case you didn’t know. 

It also only took him about 3 seconds to figure it would be fun to swirl the colors of paint together instead of stamping them separately.  But he was right, it looked cool.

1-25-10 021     1-25-10 023

This fun project can be used for any time of year, not just for holidays.  You can use any shape you would like.  It is just a ton of fun.  The large size lids are perfect for smaller hands.  Try it.

I used a laundry detergent lid for this craft, so tell me what is your favorite detergent?


  1. This is such a cute idea!! As always..you rock :)

    My fave detergent...All..it's the stain lifter ;P And we have lots of stains..no, not from the kids..mostly from my husband..always dripping food down the front of himself..LOL!!!

  2. love this idea as always you can find some of the best and this one would be perfect for little hands to become stampers

  3. This looks like a really fun project!!

  4. We use Purex because my husband thinks it's the only one his skin will tolerate, since that's what his mother uses. I add Borax to really get the job done on some loads... My mom was a Tide w/bleach user! =)

  5. “Stamper Robot Guy”...too cute!

    We use liquid Tide. Well, I should say DH uses it, since he does the laundry usually!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun!
    I love that stamps contain paint messes a little better than paint brushes!

    We use Tide original powder. (Its good for cloth diapers, and doesn't require me to order special detergant for them, so I just use it for almost everything.)
    I buy ALL free & clear for David's ACUs.

  7. Cute idea. I save (almost everything) like that and I was just looking at one such lid wondering what to do with it. Oh- and I use Purex Free and Clear for the kiddos and am about half way through a big bucket of some cheap stuff for everything else. I plan on trying to make my own when that runs out (which is why I bought the big bucket- to buy time and re-use!).

  8. Whatever I have a coupon for :), but I tend to buy Tide, not sure why.
    I totally wouldn't have thought to use puffy paint. I really need to get some of that.

  9. This is great as I have a stack of used sponges that I can't bear to toss. Attaching to a laundry detergent lid is genius!

    We use Sun & Earth or Ecover or Seventh Generation.

  10. Great idea....and so easy for little hands to grasp. Good job mom!

  11. Yes, I agre with everyone else - what a great use for the laundry lids. I have quite a collection of them built up. I love all the bright colors they come in. Sometimes I pick the laundry soap I plan to buy based on the color of the lid:)

  12. Great Idea....I'm going to have to try this with my son soon.

    I use whatever laundry detergent is on sale, usually Gain or Era is what I use though.

  13. Favorite is what ever is on sale ... LOL

    Very cool, just know my walls be stamped :)



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