Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Indoor Igloo

Winter weather has got a lot of people stuck inside.  Have fun with this neat craft that becomes a fun game.  Take an empty plastic container, I used a sour cream container, self adhesive craft foam, and cotton balls.  If you don’t have self adhesive craft foam you can glue craft foam or construction paper on.  Another option is to sponge paint the container with a square piece of sponge and white paint.

1-12-10 004 1-12-10 005 1-12-10 006

Cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic container.  Then cut out a piece of black craft foam for the door and stick it to the container.  Next, use a dull pencil to make squares and rectangles.  The more variation of sizes, the better.  Cut the shapes and have your kids adhere them to the container.  I told my 3 year old to try to keep them like squares and not turn them like diamonds.  He understood completely and did a great job!  He covered the container and made one fine looking igloo! 

1-12-10 008      1-12-10 009

Now for the game part.  There are so many options with this.  You are only limited by your imagination.  We tossed cotton balls in the top to see how many we could make.  Then we counted out how many we got in.  We played again, but this time recited the alphabet as we threw each cotton ball (getting progressively louder with each letter until we were shouting – not intended, but made it fun).  You can make two igloos and challenge each other.  Like I said, the possibilities are endless.  Have fun and try it.

1-12-10 011       1-12-10 012

What is the most unusual thing you have made out of snow?

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  1. You are so creative! And I sure would have never thought to have him recite the alphabet while throwing the "snow balls!"

    How do you get Cole to sit still for the pics??? Sprout would be all over the place if he knew I was trying to take his pic. Too bad your so far away, I bet they would be best buds :-)

  2. Snow soup - get about 2 cups of real snow (clean snow is preferred:)

    Add a pkg of Ramen noodles and mix it in the snow.

    Stir it all up in a pan.

    Now put it on a hot burner and watch the snow turn into snow soup:)

    Serve and eat while it is hot!

  3. Very cute idea! And I'm so glad to have an actual use for those small plastic food containers I can't bring myself to throw away because they seem so useful!

  4. I love that! Austin doesn't know most of his alphabet, so I'm always looking for easy ways to add it to our day.
    You already know that I love snow ice cream. We've made it twice already, and I'm hoping for lots of snow today so we can make it again! I think the most unusual thing I've ever made was a Snow Octopus with my cousins. It was a snowman that fell apart and so it got turned into an Octopus! :)

  5. Thanks for the inspiration, I think my kids would like to make some small igloos for their little animals and people! Check out my thrifty alphabet game with beans at

  6. Oh what a neat fun project. And made even better because we have all the supplies on hand.

  7. great hands on keep busy project

  8. So, when I saw that I was thinking of the ones I've seen teacher's make with milk cartons, but that takes LOTS......
    We made fake snow........ No snow here really, except the type that causes ER visits. Sigh.

  9. Too much fun. I am definitely going to make this with Aiyana, I think she will love it.


  10. Really Kim come on does your mind ever turn off? LOL ;)

    This is so cool and I know the boys can do this with out causing too many problems!

  11. Oh that is so cute :D I'm gonna have to do this with my son sometime.



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