Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grocer Guy (or Gal)

Did you make a resolution goal to eat healthier this year?  Many people did, but what happens if you have little ones that are picky eaters?  Here is something that has worked at our house when my son hits a picky stage.

1-4-09 025 I give my son some money.  Actually hand them the money, it is a big part in getting the kids interested.  He gets to pick out any fruit or vegetable he wants at the grocery store.  When it is time to check out, he gets to pay for it all by himself.  He usually can’t wait to try it when we get home. 

1-4-09 020 Sometimes it is new things like star fruit or brussel sprouts.  Other times it is things he has had before, but look completely different than they do when they are served (like kiwi fruit).  We do have our favorites, as well.  Sometimes he needs a little suggestion to look at something, stead of going to the same things.  The last trip was red and green bell peppers.  He has had them before, but he says they are Christmas colors and he misses Christmas.  Aww! 

It really is neat to watch your kids choose a fruit or vegetable and get excited about trying it!  Try it. 


  1. That's the most precious photo with his little perplexed look!

    What a good idea. I guess I've never had the patience to trust Sprout to pick something out, but if it helps him to actually eat more fruits and veggies, it's worth it.

  2. What a great idea! My daughter will not eat any vegetable, except corn on the cob. I am going to try this TODAY! If it works, you will be my new hero. lol.

  3. You're a genius! I love this idea!!!!!
    My son has this texture thing going on right now and it is driving me insane!!!!

  4. Cool Idea, will it work on me too? :)

  5. I am definitely trying this. My 3 year old is so picky! My one year old, she eats anything and everything...except beans. Great idea!

    This weekend we are going to the Farmers Market, I am hoping that will spark some interest.



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