Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cold Weather Cover Up

I use this every day, so I thought I would repost it, just in case you missed it the first time.  :-)

My son is too big for a bib, my daughter can’t stand them and practically chokes herself trying to pull one off.  My kids are like all kids...messy.  During the summer it was easy, we would just take off their shirts.  It is 10 degrees outside! Now what?

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My son’s favorite t-shirt is too stained to give to someone else (it is worse than it looks in the picture), but has characters on it so I can’t do the cover up trick.  It's time to repurpose it.  Cut the shirt along the sides from the the bottom through the armpits to the sleeves.  It is now a t-shirt bib/cover up.  Just put it right over their clothes.  The kids get to stay warm, the clothes get protected, and you save a shirt from getting thrown away.  The best part is that it doesn’t matter if the shirt doesn’t fit, it is open completely on the sides so there are no areas for it to be too small or too big (my daughter also wears a shirt that was my son’s).  If the neck gets too small, just cut a slit in it to open it more.  It works for messy meals or for arts  and crafts time.  Try it.

blog 067What food made the worst stain ever on your clothes (or your kids clothes)?

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  1. What a great idea! I think spaghetti makes the biggest mess in our house!

  2. Blueberries, for sure!

    The big Elmo bibs like these at Target are so expensive! This is a great way to use those stained shirts that can't be saved.

  3. Great idea :) I have TONS of stained up shirts from my son and I usually strip him down when we're eating messy foods too so this is a wonderful way to re-use the old tees that he has.

  4. I think the carrot baby food left the worse. Except for a shirt I had in junior high which got the WORST stain the first time I wore it from chocolate ice cream.

  5. What a cool idea! Perfect for the boys! Oh man anything with a sauce ... LOL



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