Tuesday, December 1, 2009

IBW Review/Giveaway: CLOSED

What is IBW?  I know that is what you are thinking.  That is what I was thinking, too.  IBW stands for Interactive Book-Webscene.  This is not an e-book or a download.  It is just as it says, an interactive book.  IBW titles use a new story storytelling process that combines print text with the interactivity of multimedia.  Here’s how it works: you read a chapter and at the end of the chapter, you find a weblink.  When you go online to the weblink, you find an animation (or perhaps other multimedia elements) called a webscene that’s an important part of the story.  After you view the webscene, you go back to the book to read another chapter, find another weblink, and so on.  There are six or more webscenes included in every IBW book.  We found that the easiest way to keep a young child’s attention on the story, is to have a computer very close by.  This way you can easily go to the webscene after you read the chapter.

IBW has KA Readers, which is really great for beginning readers and kids that still need to be read to.  KA Readers has nine titles at the moment, but they say they are working on more.  The KA Readers have step-by-step lessons written pretty straightforward for a parent or homeschooling parent to decide what lessons are learned and when.  This way you get to choose the sections that are at your child’s learning level.  I love that they say “learning level” not by age.  If you have a child that needs special attention due to a learning disability or other delay or disability, this is great.  It is pretty hard to see something recommended for a 3 year old if your 5 year old is at that learning level.  I have a few friends that have children with various areas of special attention required.  I know it bugs them to see that stuff. So this is for you guys!  IBW also has Reading Support Activities weblink on each book’s back cover.  This lets the parents see their child’s progress in areas such as comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling to name a few.

blog 210 The webscenes allow children to identify objects and actions the way that no still image in a regular book can do.  Here is an example.  In the KA Reader – A Day at the Zoo the first chapter talks about a family of dogs that go to the zoo and decide to be a little silly.  The Mom Dog put stickers on the strap to the camera to look silly.  One little boy dog says he will only say “Yap” all day, to be silly.  The other little boy dog decides to put his cap on his tail, to be silly.  The dad dog sees a map of the zoo and decides where they should go.  Now, go to this webscene to see what you would be seeing after you read this chapter to your child (or they read it themselves).
IBW has a Busy Preschoolers Guide to Learning as well.  The Celebration of Letters has 13 titles, each showcasing two letters.  It is a neat way to learn especially if your children are anything like mine and can’t stand the idea of sitting and doing flashcards.

Check out IBW’s website at www.IBW-Books.com.  You can find out more for yourself and buy some books, too.  I really enjoyed doing this review.  You know I love to encourage learning with my children and finding neat, new ways of doing it is very important to me.  IBW is just that...a new, completely different way to make learning fun!  If you didn’t try the link above to the webscene, go back up and try it.  It is really cool!

Now for the giveaway!  One winner will be selected by random.org on Friday, December 11th at noon CST.  The winner will have their choice of:
The Busy Preschooler’s Guide to Learning – fun activities built around the 26 letters of the alphabet and teach 105 skills kids need to know before they walk in the kindergarten door.
THREE (3) KA Readers – beginner readers (and read to readers) see an animation unfold at the close of each chapter and parents can follow child’s reading and comprehension.

The winner is #109 Kelly D.  The winner will be notified by email and have 3 days to respond to claim their prize.

Disclosure: I was provided sample books to review, so I could write an honest review of this product.  I was not compensated in any way for this review or site space.  This review is my unbiased opinion and the fact the IBW is sponsoring this giveaway had no influence on it.  You guys know me better than that. :-)


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