Thursday, December 3, 2009

“Hand” made Santa Faces

blog 305 Here is a fun craft for you to do with your little ones.  It is another one of those ones to keep as a memento, too.  Make Santa faces!  My house doesn’t believe in Santa (I am not going to go into that here), but we do recognize him as a popular Christmas character.  All you need to do this is white paint, cotton balls, a small piece of red paper, scraps of white paper, glue, and markers.

Start by painting your child’s hand white.  You know I love to do this and so do my kids.  :-)  Put their handprint on the paper.  While that is drying, you can have them make parts of Santa’s hat.  I put some glue on a paper plate and had my son dip cotton balls into the glue and glue them on a rectangular scrap of white paper.  I also cut out a small circle and had him glue a cotton ball onto that. 

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We turned the handprint upside down.  My son glued the red triangle onto the heel of the hand at the top.  Then he glued the pieces with cotton balls on them at the top and bottom of the triangle to make it look like a Santa hat.  Now just draw a little face on there and you are done.  You have a wonderful keepsake to cherish (and decorate with) for years to come.  Try it. 

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Does your house “do” Santa?  No judging each other and no nasty comments please.  We are all just sharing. :-)


  1. We do Santa. We write letters to him, and make a big tradition of baking cookies for him. The kids love to try to sneak downstairs to see him. Last year we found our son asleep behind the couch. I guess he was trying to be sneaky and fell asleep. lol.

  2. Awww those are so cute! I love hand print crafts, I've saved all of the ones my kids have made over the years :) Yes, we do Santa, but my kids are considerably older now, so it's really only the youngest one who still kinda believes :)

  3. We do Santa, but also make a very strong effort to include the celebration of the birth of Jesus in our holiday too! We have a birthday party for Jesus as well as leave cookies for Santa.

    Make believe and faith are BOTH very important parts of a child's development!

    Angie B.

  4. Those are so cute! Yes, we do Santa here! But we also realize the religious aspect of Christmas. My daughter was born Christmas morning, so she is very well aware that she shares a birthday with baby Jesus :)

  5. these are adorable I believe I will be doing this with my little ones

  6. Santa is a part of our Christmas, but we also make sure to emphasis Jesus' birth too.

    Thanks for the craft. Maybe this is a stupid question, but what kind of paint do you use on his hand?

  7. We don't do Santa. We're Christians and emphasize the celebration of Jesus' birth. But we are careful with our kids to make sure they don't ruin it for any other kids! :)

  8. Santa's just a fun story/game at our place. We don't go overboard with anybody--the Grinch, the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny--and Santa is no different. Nothing wrong with a little fun; we just believe in being honest and very open. If we want to pretend he's coming and leave cookies, that's fine!

  9. Cute!
    We "do" Santa, but it is more about Jesus, and giving{just like he did for us}, then it is Santa Claus, and presents. There is no judgement here, everybody has their own beleifs, and religions. And if they do judge, they are not "Christian"- human yes but not "Christian".

  10. You can make Christmas trees with upside down handprints too!

  11. We do Santa. I believe it adds magic to Christmas for little children.

    We are also Christians and attend mass on Christmas morning and talk about it being Jesus' birthday.

  12. These are so cute! What a fun idea.

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