Sunday, December 13, 2009

Giving Before You Get

7-26-09 009My son’s birthday is in the summer.  Of course, Christmas is in the winter.  We started a tradition that a couple of weeks before his birthday and before Christmas we would go through his toys.  By “we” I mean me and my son (and Daddy’s input, too).  I explain to him that there are boys and girls that are not as blessed as he is.  He completely understands that he will be giving his toys to another child.  He knows that it is not loaning out his toys.  He knows that he will not get them back.  He also knows that it will mean so much to a child to get some of the cool toys he has been blessed with.  This summer he completely surprised me with some of the toys he wanted to give away.  When I asked him if he didn’t want to play with those toys anymore, he told me that he did and he really liked them, but he knew that another boy would really like them, too.  Then he would tell me, especially since the boy doesn’t have any toys, he needs these.  Then he will tell me how nice the toy is and how well he took care of it (so the boy will have a “good toy, not junk”).

We do this a couple of weeks before gift time so my son gets that he is blessed and we should pass on the blessings.  Not just that he has a ton of stuff and we need to make room for all of the presents the grandparents are going to lavish him with.  He loves to help load the toys in the van and unload them at the church, too.  He will ask if he can give the toys to the little boys and girls himself.  Awww!  It is so sweet!

I do get blown away by his generosity.  It is amazing that something we do to try to teach him how to give and how to love, turns around and teaches us.  God has a great way of surprising me, humbling me, and revealing His plan for me. 

This is where I recommend to you that you go through your child’s toys with them and ask them which ones they would like to give to other boys and girls.  They might surprise you with their generosity as well.  Try it.

What is the most “extreme” present your children have ever received? (Probably from a grandparent, lol)


  1. This is a great post. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me. I think we will do this today. It will probably take all week, but it will be worth it. A good way to clear out space while teaching a great lesson and doing good. Thanks!

  2. Great idea Kim! I wish more moms would follow suit and be as generous as you are. You sure are raising your son to be a generous and caring man! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

    *Thanks for following my blog ;)*

  3. I love this idea. I will do this with my daughter when she is old enough to understand.

  4. Our most extreme gift was a complete rescue heros set, which was awesome, but took soooo much room and was impossible to get rid of because... it was so awesome. This post is so sweet! We do this too each year both before Christmas to make room, and then again after Christmas because we always find we have not made enough room. lol. Thanks for this great post!

  5. Thanks for the reminder, Kim. It's time for us to send some toys on too before Christmas.

  6. Good idea I need to do this! The toy box is over flowing!

    Lavish gift, hmmm not sure but I know my mom did buy Cole a DS for Christmas this year :)



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