Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coloring Caddy

Here is one of my favorites that we use all of the time.  I wanted to repost this and share it again with you all.

Coloring time always brought a little more drama than it should have at our house.  The crayons would roll off the table and dogs would grab them.  Or they would roll off and get stepped on.  One day while my son was coloring and I was picking up blocks, I realized a great way to keep the crayons from rolling off the table.  I took one of the giant plastic building blocks and turned it over and used it as a stand to hold the crayons.  The block displays the crayons in a different way and kind of showcases them.  I noticed my son used more of a variety of colors than he did before.  I honestly think it was because he saw the colors better this way, but that just might be crazy mommy thoughts.  You never know.  ;-)  Try it.


  1. Very, very Cute blog....
    And I love the Chunky Lego, crayon holder idea.
    That is GREAT!


  2. I think you are right, by displaying the crayons in the legos, they are easier to see plus it adds a new dimension to coloring - kind of making the crayons into manipulatives you can sort and organize. Great idea.

  3. Hey, we have those Mega blocks! What a good idea, we too have crayons that roll off the table, causing much drama! Good idea.

  4. Good idea look I can actually use those instead of stepping on them all the time. Killer on the feet ... LOL. Great idea Kim, really you blow me away!

  5. Smart idea! We don't have the mega blocks, but they look fun and obviously have multiple uses! :)

  6. Cute blog...and great idea :)

    Have a happy New Year!

    Stefanie from http://pediatricsafety.net

    (...stopped by from MBC...and now I'm following you)

  7. What a great organizing idea!
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