Friday, November 13, 2009

Political Toss Up, I mean Through

Do you have political signs in your yard from the recent elections?  Do you have those yard signs for lawn care or tree service (like we do from our inland hurricane in May)?  This sign below had a big crack in the middle of it.  You can repurpose those into a fun game for the whole family. 

blog 197 

Cut a hole in the middle of the sign.  You can use a plate or a large mixing bowl to trace around.  Then paint the sign however you like.  Since it is for outside, I would use a clear spray paint or sealer to keep the paint on.

blog 213  blog 214

Stick the sign in your yard and boom, a perfect bean bag toss game or ball toss game.  Ours is a ball toss game. 

blog 216 

This can be used year around, as well.  In the winter we will throw snowballs through it.  In the summer we can squirt water guns or throw water balloons through it.  My new favorite idea was inspired by my son sticking his face through it while we were playing.  The idea is that I can convince everyone that a fun game would be to stick your face in the hole while we throw wet sponges and try to hit you in the face.  Sounds like fun to me.  I am thinking the hubby will not volunteer for this version.  It should be a lot of fun all year around and it didn’t cost a thing.  Man, I love being cheap frugal.

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  1. That looks like such fun! Thanks for joining in the fun at Friday Favorites!

  2. HI-larious! Babysitting tomorrow! I'm thinking of making your Geyser goo with the kiddos.

  3. Cute idea! You have to talk Daddy into the "wet sponge" game...then take pictures ;P

  4. Too funny...I love the pic of your kiddo.

  5. I use these signs and cover them to make new rummage sale signs.



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