Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Worn Out Wallet

blog 018 My son loves to play pretend, while my daughter is at that stage where taking things out and putting them back in is the most fun game ever!  I gave them an old wallet of mine along with the fake credit cards the banks send in the mail.  You know the ones that read “YOUR NAME HERE” and are glued to an application?  I take those card off before disposing of the application and give the card to the kids.  They use them in their wallet.  My son and I play store, while my daughter sits there and takes them out one by one.  Then she puts them back in just to do it over and over again.  Your children might want some play money to go in their wallet, too.  My son said he needed something else in his wallet.  I asked him if he needed money and he told me “No, Mommy.  I need coupons.”  Yep, that is MY boy!  Try it.

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Have your kids ever taken your wallet out of your purse to play with and not put it back in? 


  1. I always throw those cards away. Now I need to save them. My toddler would love this and it won't cost any money! Great tip!

  2. That sounds exactly like my son & daughter! I've done the same thing too, with old worn out wallets. Too funny about the coupon! I can see my son saying something like that. He loves coupons.

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