Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spread the Word

All of the attention that the award and local news brought this site has also brought marketers wanting me to review and showcase products.  I try to make sure every review that is requested also includes a giveaway.  As a reader of other blogs, I love giveaways, so why not give them to you if I can?  I have been getting a lot of requests.  My goal was to get up to doing one a week, but looks like we will be doing them a lot more frequently, at least for now.
I have a prize that will be given away to Mom Tried It Facebook Fans ONLY!  If y ou are already a fan, you are automatically entered.  If you are not a fan (why aren't you? lol ) please become a fan to be entered.  Now is the part where I need your help.  Tell your friends about this site.  If they like it, encourage them to become fans too.  When we hit 200 fans I will give the prize away.  Help us spread the word and get something for yourself. :-)
You can become a fan by clicking "Become a Fan" in the Facebook box on the right side of the screen.  You can also see how many fans we have and how close we are getting.  You can also just go to the Mom Tried It Facebook Fan Page by clicking here.  Thanks for spreading the word!

WOW, that was fast!!  See the Facebook page for more details.  You guys rock!

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