Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bored Book by Zoom Album

Have you heard of Zoom Album?  It is an awesome photo book that you print at home from your printer, personalized cover and everything!  The books are 3x3 so they are a perfect gift for Grandma to be able to carry around a brag book in her purse.  There a so many gift ideas for this, I am not going to list them all.  You guys are smart and creative, you will find plenty to do with it!
Each ZoomAlbum kit contains:
  • ZoomAlbum Creator Software CD - Easy-to-use photo album software program allows you to arrange your photos and print your page and album covers just how you want them.
  • (3) Glossy Photo Sheets - Unique patented photo pages are scored and self-adhesive, so you can assemble your one-sheet, 12-photo album in minutes
  • Glossy Album Cover Photo Sheets – high-quality paper means vibrant colors and long-lasting covers that you print yourself right at home.
  • Custom designed templates – eliminate the guesswork! Just plop in your photos, print, and assemble your own Hardbound 3"x3" Photo Book.
  • One of two cover styles: Hardcover Album or Make-Your-Own-Photo-Cover Album
  • Complete, Easy-to-Follow Instructions that guide you each step of the way – printed right on the photo paper!
It is really easy to use.  Just use the software provided, select your digital pictures, and print.  You can use premade templates to make it even easier.  ZoomAlbum sent me a package to try out.  A couple of my friends and I decided that we were going to go in together and buy a package of our own.  They wanted to just one each for a gift, and I wanted to try it out.  Since there are 3 kits in a package it worked out great.  One friend used hers as a birthday gift for Grandma.  The other friend used hers as a photo book to capture moments of her son’s first birthday party.  I used mine for this tip:

How many times do you hear this one, “Mom, I’m bored.  There is nothing to do.”?  Make a Bored Book.  A Bored Book is really easy.  Just take pictures of activities, games, and toys your kids have and put them together in a book.  Next time you hear that dreaded cry of boredom, break out the Bored Book and let your kids remember all of the fun stuff around the house.

The ZoomAlbum works perfect for this.  You can print up pictures of 12 different things to put in the book.  Now be sure you put things in there that you are willing to do, because you know the one that you don’t want to do is going to be the first thing picked. ;-) Toys that don’t stay out (like bigger ones) or games in a closet are great to add to this.  Try to use a picture of them doing/playing with the toy/activity.  This helps remind them of how much fun it is.  My Bored Book has playing with water in the kitchen sink, getting out the tunnel, playing Candy Land, getting the tent out, painting in the GIANT tablet Grandma bought, and other things that we do not do every day. 

This is the part where I show you my super cool ZoomAlbum I made in such little time that my kids didn’t even whine that much for me.  Well unfortunately my son thought it was just too cool, thus making it extremely appealing to his little sister and they got into a tugging match with it during snack time after my son put it down to eat.  They didn't even mess it up.  They did get food scent all over it, though.  The scents were just too much for one of my dogs and it took it out into the backyard while it was pouring rain.  We did not notice that our cool ZoomAlbum Bored Book was missing for about 15 minutes.  Which is about how long it takes to get nice and nasty in a mud puddle while being rained on.  Here are some pictures that I had printed for it.
blog 151 blog 159 blog 155
You might ask why I didn’t just print another one up?  Well, I had just that one from the set we split up.  I don’t want to use the one that ZoomAlbum sent me, because I want to be able to give away 2 ZoomAlbums to you all.  That is right...2!  ZoomAlbum has generously sponsored a giveaway to go along with this review.  They will be sending one of you a ZoomAlbum and I will be sending another person one too (the one they sent me). 
I really liked using the ZoomAlbum.  It was easy to get everything up and going.  The pre-made template made designing everything a cinch.  I loved the custom look of it.  I think the size is great.  If you get any other photo book, they are much bigger and bulkier.  The ZoomAlbum is perfect for a little slice of your life.  Most events in my life don’t take 50 pictures. 50 pictures might get taken but about 35-40 get deleted for various child uncooperative moments.  The only draw back I could possibly see is the price ($23.96-26.36).  But if you make three gifts out of it, the price is a bargain.  That is my review of the ZoomAlbum, now let’s get on to the giveaway!  As stated above, there will be 2 winners selected by  Just complete the form below. 

This giveaway has ended.  The 2 winners were Trisha and Kellie.  They have been notified via email and have 3 days to respond with necessary information or new winners will be selected.  Congratulations!!

Disclaimer: As stated in this post, I did receive a ZoomAlbum kit from ZoomAlbum to review, but opted to purchase one on my own.  The kit I was given will be used in this giveaway as well as one provided by ZoomAlbum.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  This is my honest and unbiased review of this product.

What will you do with your ZoomAlbum?


  1. Great idea! I entered too. I hope I win. Would love to try this with it and some gifts, too.

  2. I really like the bored book idea! I'm going to try that with my kids.

  3. The bored book idea is a winner for me! My daughter does not speak a lot yet, so I will do a "What does Lorelys wants?" book with things that she usually wants but doesn't know how to ask for yet! I would also like to do a "Who is carrying Lorelys" book with pics of all the extended family carrying her.
    P.S. Kim, Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!



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