Friday, October 2, 2009

The Airport Time Wall

I haven't taken a plane in a very long time.  Do they still have that wall at the airports with all of the clocks displaying times from cities around the world? You know the one.  Did you ever think that wall could help your kids learn to tell  time or be more self sufficient?  To ease the burden of getting 6 kids (ages 3-9...YIKES!!) all ready for bed at the same time, Cathy uses this system.  She scanned a clock set to different times on her all-in-one scanner/printer at home.  Then she drew pictures of events that happen in their bedtime routine.  Each picture displays the clock at a certain time and corresponds with the activity to do at that time.  The kids just look at the actual clock and compare it to the pictures.  It makes bedtime a breeze for her and her husband.  "I honestly don't know how we managed before it.  It has been a true sanity saver", says Cathy.  The picture shows the last drink of the night, bath time, brush teeth, bedtime story, and finally bedtime.  This can easy be modified for your routine.  Try it.

What is the longest it ever took you to get your kids to bed?


  1. It took 3 hours to get my ONE child to bed. Not just one isolated night, this went on and on for months. So glad that he is out of that phase. Could have used this site back then, where were you? Lol.

  2. I have a baby, so I just nurse him to sleep. I have had to nurse him 3 different times in a row and I thought he would never get full and go to sleep.

  3. 4 kids 0-5 and it has taken hours and hours...and hours. We started a routine and it's cut it down to about an hour and a half - but that's still without a nightly bath. This idea will cut it down the rest of the I think. I LOVE the clock idea. I might even be able to add bathtime and keep my sanity!




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