Friday, September 11, 2009

Sibling Savings

Another reader idea!  Hannah emailed this in to me.  To promote sharing and comradery amongst her 5 children (ages 12, 9, 8, 5, and 3) she has started a program.  Every time she or her husband sees a good deed that one child does towards another (helping them with homework, chores, or putting together a toy or puzzle) they drop a few coins in the bank.  At first they would tell their children that they were putting money in the bank, but soon after just started doing it without notifying.  You can imagine a house with 5 kids in it would have enough activity to be able to do this without anyone noticing.  At the end of the month, Hannah and the kids dump the money out and go to the grocery store.  They buy a box of novelty ice cream with the money, you know the expensive kind that normally the kids would never get.  The catch to the ice cream is that everyone has to agree on it.  With usually only 6 in a box, it can get tricky, but the kids have really learned to compromise and bargain.  Hannah and her husband said that kids will often come to them in private and tell them a deed that happened between the other siblings that the parents were not aware of.  While Hannah says that there are very much still moments of strife in the house, everyone is learning much more respect for each other and doing a lot of teamwork.  I love this idea because even the sweet reward requires them working together and learning to compromise.  Great idea Hannah, thanks.  Try it.



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