Monday, September 21, 2009

The Mom Coffee Break

You're at work, you've had enough for the moment and need to get away for just a minute.  Everyone has a 15 minute coffee/snack break, so you take it a recharge yourself.  So what happens if you are a stay at home mom?  Doh!  Kim (no, not me) has a great solution.  This tip seemed too good to be true, so I tried it and it worked!  Kim takes a brown paper lunch bag and puts a various games or items in them that her daughter can do all by herself.  She has put a clue in the bag that takes to her daughter through the house on a scavenger hunt that leads to a snack.  She has torn a page out of a word search book and put it in the bag with a pencil.  She has put a marker by color page in the bag as well, you get the idea.  All bags are filled with items/projects that take 15-20 minutes and are simple enough that her daughter can do them completely by herself.  The idea is to give you a break, but it actually helps them do things by themselves and builds confidence.  I tried this at home using an insulated lunch bag, since I do not have brown paper bags.  I filled the bag with blocks and a few toy animals and asked my son to build me a zoo.  Since he is three, I had to modify the concept a bit.  This kept him busy for 20 minutes!  Older children can be instructed by notes in the bag to eliminate your need to explain.  Kim says her daughter is now quick to tackle tasks, puzzles, and problems and does it with confidence.  She says she owes it to the bag projects.  Her daughter looks forward to seeing the bags on the counter and Kim looks forward to some quiet time.  Try it.

What would you do with 15 minutes of uninterrupted time?  Leave a comment and share with us.


  1. I would do anything NOT on my to-do list. lol! I am gonna have to try this out. I could use 15 minutes.



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