Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Living Room Library

I have a really hard time getting my 3 year old son to sit down and read.  He would rather run and run and run, oh and a jump or two here and there.  To get him to slow down and have some "quiet reading time" I set up our little play tent in the living room.  In the tent I put a chair along with a selection of books.  It really works and it makes reading time more fun.  We pretend we are in a teepee on the plains, or an igloo in the arctic, or just the local library.  You do not have to use an actual tent to create this space.  You can use a sheet and some furniture, or just section off an area of a room with furniture or blocks.  It will spark your kids imagination and make learning a lot more interesting.  You can even experiment with different themes to make the books come alive.  We have read books about polar animals while in an igloo in the arctic, or pretended we were in a construction trailer on a construction site while reading (you guessed it) construction books.  The picture shows that even the little ones get involved when having this much fun!  Try it.


  1. I am also a mom of a 1 year old kid and honestly I am now trying to think of the possible things I can do to let my daughter love books like I do.

    I want her to read a lot to sharpen her memory and also to practice her speech. I don't want her to learn the baby-talk because I am sure that in the end I will be the one to suffer.

    As I read your blog I really got interested with your bright ideas. Thank you so much and I will really follow all of your tips.

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