Monday, August 31, 2009

Tricky Snacks

This idea started out when my son was a baby and he couldn't grab a banana piece without it slipping out of his hand.  I took a sandwich bag and put breakfast cereal (usually a type of corn flake or crisped rice) and then smashed the cereal up into really small crumbs.  I sliced banana, divided the slices, then tossed them in the bag.  The crumbs kept the banana from getting slimey and slippery.  I also discovered that it kept the banana from turning dark colors, so I could store them for the day to have for "feed me now" snacks or on the go.  I use this still for my 12 month old, but my 3 year old demands "big boy" food.  So now I slice the bananas and do not divide them, but still roll in the crumb bag.  This makes the bananas look like chicken nuggets!  A great extra is to put strawberry preserves in a little bowl for dunking (looks like ketchup).  A healthy snack that is super fun.  Your kids will love the idea of the food looking like something else and you'll love the idea of them chowing down a nutritious snack. Try it.



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